Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Avocado Ice Cream

I love avocados, they're like God's gift to us hoomans... Delicious, creamy, nutricious avocados.. Mmmm... In Malaysia we scrape out the meat and eat it mixed with condensed milk, or sometimes we make it into juice! It turns out more like a milkshake though, and it is heavenly!
I decided to make Avocado ice cream a while ago but haven't go around to writing about it.. I don't have and ice cream maker, so I followed David Lebovitz's method of making ice cream where you have to freeze and whisk every 30 minutes. I have to say I failed a bit because I fell asleep for an hour in the middle XD Making ice cream is so time consuming! I also got the avocado ice cream recipe from Alton Brown.

The results were good! It was still a bit icy as I did not have an ice cream maker, but it was also very refreshing because of the lemon juice in it. It's the perfect thing to eat on a hot sunny day.. Ah... *sneaks off to fridge and grabs some Avocado Ice Cream*

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