Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the way to visit the Moeraki Boulders, we stopped by at Shag Point.. No no, don't let those nasty thoughts come into your head, haha! It's a lookout point, where you can see part of the boulders. It's really beautiful out there, and worth a stop if you have the time.
Almost not real..
The interior is really nice as well. There are lots of paintings and sculptures on display and they're all for sale. For a donation, you get to choose a cup of coffee or hot choc and some sweets as well, then you can sit outside and enjoy the sun and the view =)

The nice man working there directed us to Trotter's Gorge for our picnic lunch, and according to him, it was one of the best picnic spots in that area.

When we arrived there, there was a trail that led to caves. Apparently. We walked up and down for half an hour to see this:
So big lo the cave. I almost could not find my way out.

After that, we settled down for our awesome picnic lunch prepared by Wans, who could not join us because he wasn't feeling well.
Saw this on the way out, thought it was pretty funny XD
I still haven't gotten to writing about Oamaru. Next one! =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I hate how it is okay for guys to say they hate kids, but when a girl says it, people look at you like you just threatened to kill their mother.

Don't get me wrong, kids are adorable.. From a distance. >5 feet away to be exact. From that distance, they cannot *pokeannoytouchpinchtalk* to you. You can just look at them and go "AWWWWW how cute!" Yep, that's the way I like it.

Why do people even want to have babies? Every time I think of how the vagina has to expand by 20382038 times and then in addition to that, it has to be cut open AND THEN sewn back, I cringe and run away screaming (in my mind). It reinforces my wish to never have any kids, unless they're adopted.

A very wise person once told me "Babies are cute when they are not yours" Wise, wise words. Because all they do is shit and cry. And you have to clean it up! On top of having your vagina cut open, you have to clean that shit up!

So.. why people have babies is a mystery to me. I can imagine most people reading this will think I'm the devil now. Wahaha! Okthxbai =P

Moeraki Boulders

First up we visit the Moeraki Boulders! My friend Trina said it is a must visit for her because it is the picture on her BNZ card and she can't leave NZ without seeing it at least once.

The Moeraki Boulders are world-famous, and a lot of people from all around the world flock here to see it. I have seen a lot of breathtaking photos taken at this site.

So Moeraki town is... small. That's the only word I can use to describe it. It is quite a long way off from the boulders.. We stopped by to looked for an ATM and were quite shocked to find only a few houses and 2 restaurants. That did not stop us from camwhoring though =)
To enter the beach, there is a $2 donation. We stuffed a few bucks down into the box and went on our way..
To be honest, I was expecting more from this place, after seeing so many amazing photos! I guess we arrived at the wrong time (About midday) My guess is that it's prettier in the evening.

Here are some pics that I took with my big ass cam.

Hope you liked them =) Will post some pictures of Oamaru next!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Here I'd like to wish my beautiful friend Elaine CONGRATS on her engagement!! =D
I have to admit, although I am really happy for everyone, it is a little scary to see people around me getting married and engaged (I feel old! =O) Elaine said "I'll be waiting for your turn" Haha! She's going to have to wait really long for that day to come =P

Also, a very very happy birthday to my beautiful sis Farah! =)

And I know it's a little late, but Merry Christmas! XD

Thursday, December 24, 2009

So far...

So I've been back in Malaysia for quite a while now, and didn't bother telling many people. Because I'm a ninja like that =P Haven't been up to much...Here's a summary

John sent me flowers, so sweet =)
Mommy bought us all new laptops.. Mine is the Toshiba Protege T130.. I chose a really light one because carrying a laptop around for 25 hours is not very fun, plus, it comes in a pretty white colour =D Oh, that thing blocking your view is Bola the sheep. He's big and round just like my tummy.
This is what he looks like, isn't he adorable? =D It's so hard not to smile when you look at Bola =)
Mmmm.. What else, I've only met up with Calista, Gwenda and Elaine.. Other than that, I've been waking up at 6 every morning to exercise because I gained so much weight in NZ. Yes, it's like friggin bootcamp here! The good thing is that I've lost bout 5kg so far.. =) By Feb I should be skinny and very very miserable. Ok, I'm off. ;)

Next up, some places I've been to in New Zealand!


I used to blog, but I got sick of it.. All I did was bitch and bitch.. I'm starting a new blog with the intention of not bitching, but sharing with you about life and travels with me =) It's gonna be mostly pictures though, because I'm lazy like that =D Stay tuned!