Friday, May 28, 2010

Birds of a feather

Did you notice my peacock feather headband? =) Got it in a moment of compulsion... But decided it was quite nice anyway. I'm having a sort of headband fetish right now, after trying to do something different to my hair a million times and failing. Seriously. I bought a hair curler and borrowed John's hair straighter (yes my boyfriend has a hair straightener don't ask) I just can't get it to listen to me!! ARGHHHH. So therefore I chose to do something simple and accesorize with a hairband instead. Way less effort ;) Plus I don't really give a shit whether something is in fashion or not.
Some of the ones I bought last weekend. OMG so cheap $5 only!

Here are some random pretty headbands that I found on Etsy.

I love Etsy because it is a really good place to find nice handmade things. You should have a look =)

I think this blog is turning into
some vapid meaningless a place where I talk about fashion, food, photography. La la la

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lemme see your grillsss

Today I saw a girl with dollar sign grills! How unique is that? =D I couldn't stop staring at her teeth , which is bad though. Imagine going on a date and not being able to stop staring at someone's teeth. That's just like staring at someone's boobs. Lawl. Ok I know not funny. =P

Note to self: Stop buying stuff off ebay!

I wonder how people live vintage, goth, emo everyday. Isn't it tiring keeping up such facades (Ok I'm going to be stabbed with a pencil for calling it that I can tell)? I guess you would really have to be into that kind of thing? For me I like to do a bit of everything, depending on my mood. I guess the most important thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing.

That reminds me.. Because of work I end up wearing black skinnies and a black hoodie and black shoes everyday.. It's kind of depressing. Oh well I guess it saves me the trouble of thinking about what to wear =P

I'm also quite annoyed because I saw a girl wearing a dress that I bought off ebay and did not receive. HMMMMMMM....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Despite shitty Dunedin weather, I managed to wake up at 9am to drag my fat ass to the gym. I call this self-inflicted pain commitment. Glad that this year I am more motivated to be fit. Maybe it's because I'm feeling really guilty for stuffing my face at Hell's Pizza with John last night. Sooooooo gooodddddd. I think the pain was worth it.

I've been looking at vintage the past few days and I have to say I find some of the clothes really really pretty. Unfortunately you have to be skinny like a lollipop to be able to pull it off. This is one of my faves so far.

Damn.... If I had this I would be so happy lol. Unfortunately I have already blown a giant hole in my CC. It's like I'm a slave to ebay *_* Anyway, if you want this dress, you can find it here ---> CLICK

Friday, May 21, 2010

Emotional Eating

I'm stuffing my face with Arnott's Mint Slices at 3 in the morning because I have not finished my assignment that is due tomorrow and I am feeling depressed. Can't ask for an extension because that will just make me look like an asshole in front of my lecturer. Please excuse me while I wallow in self-pity.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Porn

Gwenda told me something funny just now, that I was torturing her with the food porn on my Fb. Lol. Really?? I never noticed! If that's the case, let me treat you to some right here..

Went to Minami with John on Tuesday night, my treat for our anniversary and also because I just got paid and was feeling quite rich lol

I have to say, all this while I had thought that Dunedin's japanese food was total crap, after trying places like Tokyo Garden, Jizo(? Princes Street?) etc. But Minami was pretty good =) The restaurant has 2 parts, but we went to the prettier side.

This is what we had for starters:

Octopus balls. Reminds me of Anusha, Sam told me she thought she was eating real octopus balls. Wahaha!
Another starter, Crispy squid. John really liked this and he is a big fan of deep fried squid.
Our mains. We ordered 3 peoples' portions lol. Unagi Don, Rainbow sushi and Salmon Teriyaki. They were all pretty good but the salmon was a bit on the small side. It's funny cos one of the chefs came out of the kitchen and looked at me with a very shocked face. Wth. Is my face very scary?John said it's because he saw how much we ate =P
My favourite. Fresh yummy salmon... *drool all over study table*

I also ordered some kind of Japanese alcohol. The waitress looked at me and said "You know it has alcohol right?" Lol. I'd like to think that either I look really young, or I look like I'm so guai I don't drink. Either way I'm flattered XD

All this food cost only $45! Omgwtfbbq! So cheap! I am definitely going back there again and again and again

Okay, gtg. About to be tortured by one of Cherlyn's death workouts. Serves me right for being such a fatty and stuffing my face =/

Monday, May 17, 2010


Cherlyn: How can her ass be so big and perky?
Me: Ass implants.
Cherlyn: See! I knew something like that couldn't be real!

Lol. No prizes for guessing who we're talking about =P

I woke up at 7am this morning to make breakfast in bed for By.

I know right? Sharin? Cooking???? Waking up at 7am??? What has the world come to? Shows how much I love my boyfriend =P

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some photos from my experimentation with the Holga =)

♥ John surprised me by bringing me to a spa for a couple massage and dinner at Luna last night. It was a beautiful, romantic (a bit early) anniversary dinner =) I love love love my boyfriend! =)))♥

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I find my blogger page lining up with more and more drafts. Words that I do not want to share with the world. I guess I have become a more private person, preferring my thoughts to stay my own.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random blurts of the day

I was talking to a girl in my class and realised that her eyes were really pretty and blue and I couldn't stop looking and it made me feel kind of gay.

Cherlyn totally killed me at the gym yesterday with her workout *_* Speaking of that, while we were on the mat, there was this really weird chick who kept following our workout right behind us. It was quite funny and I kept telling Cherlyn that she should make her own workout video but that chick didn't get the message. Lawl.

My Spanish test yesterday was a killer! I was tempted to bang my head on the wall while trying to finish it. Don't know if I will do well this time =( On the bright side, I got back my assignments and test for my other Spanish paper, and they're both As.

I have no idea what to blog about. Okthxbai.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


What a shitty day. I'm tired from late nights, and had a headache so bad I wanted to puke this afternoon. What cheered me up was coming home to have a nap and having my cute boyfriend cook dinner for me ♥♥♥ =) Can't wait for Tuesday when all my tests and assignments will be over!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God. I've been quite stressed out lately with assignments and test piling up and falling on my head like an avalanche (5 Papers, bad idea.). Because of that I've been doing some serious emotional eating and it is making me fat. I feel like a giant blob of fat. It makes me want to walk around in a giant guni sack all the time. Okay. That's it. Must. Go. To. Gym. I hope I remember this when I'm having second thoughts about dragging my fat ass to the gym. How many times can I say fat in a blog post? Oh well. I found this picture to make myself feel better.

*Update: I was so stressed out until I found out that the deadline for my assignment for one paper is postponed by a week, my test on Friday is multiple choice, and work was cancelled today before my other test. Why am I so lucky?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010