Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christchurch Part 2

On day 2, we ended up at this cute little cafe called Under The Red Verandah

It was closer to breakfast but I ordered the risotto with smoked salmon and capers. So so good. Every bite was smooth and creamy with rich, flavourful salmon and a slight taste of capers. Little strings of cheese appeared when I scooped up the rice from my plate. Mmmm.. Needless to say I enjoyed every single bit of it.

I have a confession, one of the things I fail horribly at cooking is fried rice. For some reason, every time I try to fry rice, it comes out in the consistency of risotto(almost), but not cheesy =S
John had the corn fritters with tomato salsa, sour cream and bacon. The portion was very generous but I can safely say that I've had better. The corn fritters were too crumbly. Normally it is good if a restaurant gives a lot of 'materials' in a dish, but there was just too much corn and too little batter. It was falling all over the place when I tried to pick it up. When this happens, a girl feels really ungraceful and that is bad.
Mark had the soup of the day which was served with focaccia bread (yum) and the steak and caramelised onion pie. He looked like he was lost in his own little world of ecstasy as he was eating so I am guessing it was amazing =)
John and I, with my happy and instantly chubbier face =P
They had an assortment of pies, quiches, rice cakes, cakes, muffins that looked oh-so-good. I especially wanted to try the rice cakes and the carrot cake but was too full from my risotto that I had to give it a miss. (Replaying in my head was my sister's little duckling that she brought home one day that died because we fed it too much it ate too much. *_* )

Under The Red Verandah serves generous portions that align with their prices. The setting is very rustic and homely, and they have a big garden where you can sit outside and have your afternoon tea (They were full so we did not get to do that though, so I'm guessing booking is quite important especially on weekends). The other side of the restaurant also has nice views from their large windows, giving the whole place a warm, sunny atmosphere. I'd love to go back there for Sunday brunch again sometime.

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