Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christchurch Part 3

Some shots I took atop the Christchurch Gondola summit.

Rough guides described this place as having an indifferent cafe, and the time tunnel ride uninspring. I would have to agree. I also wouldn't call the views breathtaking, unlike when I was in Greece. Going up the Lycabettus Hill and waiting for sunset was fantastic because Greek architecture has such character that makes it unique. I miss it (and the hot policemen)

This is a picture from an abandoned factory that we saw along the way. Thought it looked quite creepy and interesting.

We also went to Hanmer Springs. Have a look at their *click*website*click* So nice right? WRONG! I felt so cheated when I went there and it was nothing like it advertised. The pools were not hot (Wtf. 40 degrees? Bitchplz), it was quite old, there were saggy people wobbling everywhere. =( We spent half an hour there and then went home.

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  1. The wideangle shot at the start's really clever, foreground and background both equally interesting.

    The elevated shot has a great tone, a nice sharp Canon image!