Sunday, June 6, 2010

Longing for warm weather.

But it's wishful thinking. I'm feeling quite uninspired due to exam stress.

So anyway, John just gave me a way to help the recovering shopaholic. Think of something expensive that you really want to obtain and save up for, and every time you want to buy something new, thing of that thing. It might work, but I have not tried it. For my case it would be one of these babies.


  1. I recently bought a Sigma 10-20 as I like very wide angle stuff, the lens you display will give you plenty of scope, though. The Sigma was considered by many to be a "better piece of glass " than the Nikon which was about $1400 AUD but the Sigma was only $800. You can get some great night shots by using a tripod and giving it about 30 seconds or as much as you like depending on the conditions. It requires a bit of experimentation to get the right exposure but it's worth it as you can get some pretty good photos.

    Try all sorts of things when you take photos and don't be afraid to put through 400 or so on an expedition, come back home look at them on your computer as well and select the best 30 or so.

  2. Hm.. What lens would you recommend for travel? I'm looking for something like an all rounder that I can carry around everyday..

  3. The one in the picture should cover most situations, there's no need to get to heavy on the telephoto side 105 should cover most things and 24 is wide angle enough to get buildings in.

    A booming great telephoto is a huge object to have to carry. Really simple books on basic photography help, I bought an old film one in a second hand bookshop for hardly anything and it gives you some basic tips on framing, backgrounds and things.

    Having said all that the Canon appears to be pretty expensive, if you buy a Sigma, Tamron or Tokina you will not feel as pressured as you will not have spent as much money but will still get roughly the same effect.

    Sorry to ramble on but people seem to be in love with zoom lenses, you can always step back or move forward. They may well be overrated. There are some pretty good reviewers out there and YouTube even have camera nerds talking about their lenses. Cameralabs is a YT user who reviews the Canon 24-105.

    If you want to see an example of a phenomenal photographer view the photos of Annie Liebovitz. Thankyou. I'll have a rest now.