Monday, July 26, 2010

Christchurch Part 5

John and I headed to Backstage Bakery in the Art Centre for breakfast. Felt like something savoury so I ordered the roasted portobello mushroom with thyme and provolone cheese on sourdough toast. John's was craving something sweet, so he ordered the brioche french toast with bananas and bacon. I thought it was quite interesting because they sprinkled some coconut on top, giving it a more interesting taste than the usual.
Both dishes were delicious, but I couldn't say the same for their coffee.
I really liked the Christchurch Art Centre. It used to be the University of Canterbury but they moved away and was replaced by this. I have to say, I am a sucker for historical buildings and gothic architecture. There's just something really unique and mesmerizing about them (Maybe I just wish I studied in Hogwarts or something.. but..), and I love all the effort that is taken to conserve them over in New Zealand.
The Great Hall. Beautiful right?
You can still see remnants of its use as a university.
I really enjoyed my visit to the Arts Centre, it felt like I was being brought back in time, There was a food fair going on at that time, but we were too stuffed to try anything.. Oh well, maybe next time =)

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