Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Note to self

This is a reminder to myself not to make the same mistakes again. I have everything, a beautiful, loving family, an adoring boyfriend who is also my best friend, awesome friends all over the world, I am tall and good looking, I am well-traveled, I am studying something that I love, I have a pretty platinum CC at my disposal thanks to mummy dearest and I am still not a spoilt brat (I still earn my own money), but most of all, I am LOVED. I will not make the same mistakes again. Who cares about what other people think or do? If you don't like me, then go away la.



  1. A Sigma 150-500mm lens looks a huge beast and may need a tripod a lot of the time but it's fairly cheap and would be fun to use. It would be worth checking the reviews to see what you think. There's some guy on YouTube that thinks it's worth showing him opening the box!

  2. The internet is a strange thing haters generally want to be accepted, they even want to be the person they supposedly hate in some strange way. If someone keeps at you on the internet it's either because they are interested in you or extremely envious. It's hard to imagine a guy not liking a good looking girl, more likely to be infatuated!

  3. hey shaz have you read the adventures of ashley plath? it's in cartoon form on her blog.