Friday, July 9, 2010

Christchurch Part 4

We had dinner at Valentino's on a Saturday night. We walked in without a booking and were seated immediately although it was pretty busy.
Mark, John and I ordered one starter and two pizzas to share. For starters we had the garlic prawns sauteed with garlic, tomato and white wine, served with ciabatta bread. I really liked the prawns, it was tangy and the lime taste was very distinct, which took away its 'fishy' taste. Didn't think too much of the bread though.

The pizzas were a bit too thin and hard to cut. But that was compensated by the fact that they were so big that they were bigger than all our faces combined!

I would recommend the Porchetta. The marinated pork was really succulent and together with the cheese, lime, capsicums and tomatoes, it was a perfect combination! Yum... John said the chef must be a guy because the ingredients were scattered messily (and very liberally too, might I add).

All this cost about $60 and we were so stuffed that we almost had to roll home (Nice mental image huh?) It is a good place to go and hang out with your friends, good pizza in a relaxed atmosphere with nice staff. We really enjoyed our experience. =)

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