Friday, March 2, 2012

I made my first bag (!) and other slightly more important things..

Being in a transition period between study and work does not have to be torturous and depressing (But I do hope it ends soon!)

I'm taking this time to learn something I always wanted to learn ie Dressmaking (yes! I have added SEWIST to my list of skills!) and also refine skills that I already have such as photography and graphic design.

I've also started volunteering at a large not-for-profit organization as an interviewer and writer! I think last year I was so caught up in school, work and the internship that I did not take enough time to serve others. Now that I am super free, I get to do it =)

See? Being a graduate is not so bad. I mean. If you don't think of the constant outflow of money from your already diminished bank account..


  1. Thanks just read the email...A.B.

  2. Well good for you for both the bag(it's gorgeous!) and on volunteering! It's fantastic that you want to help people!