Friday, February 17, 2012

Hot Chocolate @ Scopa, Wellington

I might have had the best hot chocolate ever! Well, in Wellington at least.

This one has a velvety, almostttt custard like texture, and is so smooth in your mouth. Did they put egg in there? It's not too sweet at well, which makes you want more. To me it has a faint taste of coconut cream.. I hope I'm not imagining things..(I prolly am)

I have to admit, I almost ordered a second cup but didn't want my day's worth of exercise to go to waste!


  1. Rather a nice way to end a meal!

  2. Delicious mouth watering!

    Do you think Wearside Jack was guilty of perverting the course of justice or was it the Police's duty/responsibility to recognise him as just another hoaxer?