Saturday, July 2, 2011

My first attempt at fondant and a book review!

Here are the products of my first attempt at fondant. What do you think? =) They're not perfect but not bad for a first try, right? Managed to do this thanks to this book! Planet Cake Cupcakes by Paris Cutler.
This little tiger is my first completed cupcake and also my favourite! =) I love his cute curly hair and more tanned skin.
I've been wanting to try fondant for a while but it always seemed like the same results were unachievable. After shopping around and reading reviews I finally decided to get this book.

It's easy to read and loaded with detailed instructions and illustration. In Planet Cake Cupcakes you will be taught how to make the ganache, syrup, colour fondant, shape them. It also shows you what you need to prepare in advance. It definitely equips you with all you need to make adorable fondant cupcakes!
If you are keen to buy this book or any other book online, I recommend book depository, it's way cheaper that if you went to bookstores and come well packaged =) Here's the link!


  1. I STILL think these are absolutely adorable! Good work Sharin! xxxxx

  2. They are so supercute! I could never eat them!