Saturday, April 2, 2011

Riverstone Kitchen @ Oamaru

Havoc Pork + Organic Chicken Rillette w Salad Greens + Roasted Ciabatta (NZD18)
Okay, I'm not really used to eating cold mains but this was very delicious. The ciabatta was a little too hard for my liking (hate it when that happens!) but on the whole the main dish gave me the impression that their food is very simple and wholesome. It made me want dessert which rarely happens!
Happy face! Affogato w Vanilla Bean Ice Cream + Lustau px Sherry (NZD12)

Let me just clarify, for those that don't know me.

Coffee + Alcohol + Ice Cream = HEAVEN! =D

Delicious, rich, creamy... Needless to say, I ignored Cherlyn and Nick for the next 20 minutes =P

Look at the amount of people here! My heart really fell when we walked in without a booking at there were 'reserved' placards all over the tables. However, this amazing waitress, didn't get her name but I shall call her Angel, whispered "Shhhh don't tell anyone but I just got a free table, follow me!". =D I feel special. But not in a retarded kind of way.

I would recommend making a booking if you would like to eat here, especially during weekends and especially if you'll be driving from Dunedin or somewhere equally far away!
I ain't gonna lie. When we were driving past Riverstone, I didn't think it looked like a restaurant, let alone one that was voted New Zealand's Restaurant of The Year in 2010 by Cuisine. From the front it looks like a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, which I guess it's a good thing now that they're kind of famous and need to fend off the hoards of people who want to come to their restaurant =P

This is the view if you walk around the back and it is magnificent. From this you can guess that they grow their own produce! They even have chickens and peacocks okay! (I'm pretty sure they don't eat peacocks but I just had to add that part =P) Nick took one look at those glorious pumpkins and said "They look like they're on steroids!!" =) Lol.. They also have a little playground for the kids. And being giant kids that we are, we ran around in it =P Quality food at affordable prices, friendly staff and a comfortable dining atmosphere, my experience at Riverstone Kitchen was an enjoyable one. I would definitely brave the 2 hour drive just to eat there again! =)

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