Thursday, December 16, 2010

In news, a sentence is a paragraph


I am a bad blogger right? Gosh. My internship has taken up most of my time so far.

Being a journalist is hard work.

It's made worse by migraines that make you want to puke.

Sometimes you do really puke when you cannot take it anymore.

However, its really cool to see your bylines in the paper the next day.

Since I have no new food pictures to share with you (I DO! But I sent my laptop to the service centre and can't upload them yet) I might as well share all my 'achievements' with you =P

My first byline!

My second byline on the same day =)

Byline that makes me feel like I'm selling out

Byline that bitches about something

Of course I've written more than this but I've only shared the ones with bylines.

So.. I'm off to Cambodia tomorrow for a week. I'm happy to be going away and yet I feel like I'm missing out! Hope you're all having a good time wherever you are! =)

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