Friday, December 31, 2010

Eating weird stuff

I had been in Cambodia for two days. Where were the crikets? Where were the worms? I had been bugging Sooutan my guide again and again that I think he must think I am some kind of freak.

Finally, on my way to Phnomh Penh from Siem Reap, we stopped at a town called Skuon which was know for selling spiders. There there were rows and rows of stalls at the road side selling crickets and spiders as well as some refreshments for the less adventurous traveller.

We picked a seller and asked for 1000 riels worth of crickets. (That is about a handful)
The lady was nice enough to pluck off the wings and legs for me so that they wouldn't get stuck in my throat and I wouldn't choke and die.

I wasn't really scared about eating bugs really.. I mean, if it was good enough for other humans, why wouldn't it be good enough for me right? The only thing was whether I would like it or not..

And so the moment of truth.
Hm.. Crickets tastes like Asian potato crackers really.. crispy and salty... I think I could stomach more if I had to.
Besides, I read somewhere that it was mostly protein!
Spiders were a different story.
These ones looked like tarantulas okay? You could still see the big fat hairs all over their legs.(Upon further research I found out that they were actually a species of tarantulas. Great.)

I purposely picked a tiny spider because that would been stuffing less spider into my mouth. Right? I heard "Nooo youuu take diiss wannn. Disss onee gooodddd!" and someone proceeded to grab the small spider I had in my hand and replace it with a bigger one.

Okay. I forgive her. She was trying to be nice. Maybe she does think spiders are delicious.

Hm.. I figured they wouldn't taste as bad right?
*deep breath*



It initially tastes all right, the legs are crispy like crickets and it has been fried into oblivion and seasoned with garlic and salt and what not.. but.. it has a really bad aftertaste!

I think it taste bad because of it's intestines.. Like you know.. Spider shit.


Hm.. I guess big fat juicy spiders are better than cockroaches.

According to my guide, these spiders are found deep in the ground by the river in the jungles.

My only regret is that I wasn't able to try worms! Damn.

I've decided that I don't want a real job. Either I starve myself anorexic and become a model or I get a job where all I do is try recipes and take photos and write about it all day. Or try weird stuff all over the world like Andrew Zimmern. If anyone is hiring or wants to pay for my lipo please let me know okthx.

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