Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Culinary Adventures!

So last weekend John and I decided to finish all the stuff in our fridge because it was like an eclipse in there.. You couldn't even see the fridge light when you opened the door =P

Because we had tonnes of oranges, I decided to make Orange Chicken for dinner. The chicken was deep fried, and then I poured an orange sauce into the pan and gave it a stir before taking it out. It looks spicy doesn't it? I added some dried chilli's. Dried chilli's are awesome and I want to add them to every dish I make =X

It turned out pretty good! John decorated this dish =)
I also made Kimchi Fried Rice with Beef the next night, because I felt like it.
I basically just put eggs, onions, minced beef, peas, carrots, kimchi and rice in it. I think it would have been better with Gochujang sauce in it because it is not spicy and flavourful enough as Korean food is supposed to be. It does look colourful though!

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