Sunday, August 29, 2010

Indian Summer

I had a beautiful weekend, ending with dinner with my lovely flatties plus one =) We headed to Indian Summer after seeing an ad that said they'd give free wine to groups of more than 4. Yes you can lure me anywhere with promises of free alcohol =P
Lovely Company

I have to say I was a bit apprehensive,when I entered the restaurant on a Saturday night and it was pretty empty. However we were not disappointed with the food because it was delicious. I ordered the Briyani and it was perfect, briyani rice with large chunks of marinated chicken and sprinkled with cashews. Omnomnomnom! Being from Malaysia, I would say that the food is pretty authentic but to me it is quite pricey ($19) as I can pay $5 or less for double this portion back home. It comes with Raita, which is really good for when food gets too spicy.

John had the green herb curry, I forgot it's name, I think it was Nyigiri. It was pretty good although I feel it had a little bit too much ginger in it. Well what do I know? Maybe it's supposed to have a strong ginger taste =) We also had the Cheese Naan and the Garlic Naan. I really liked the garlic naan, but wasn't too keen on the Cheese Naan as it was sweet and I would have preferred a more savoury version.

Just us again =)

The owner was pretty patient with a very tipsy group of people trying to pay for their meal =) I was pretty embarrassed when I asked him how long the place had been running and he said 9 years. How come I only found our about it now? Well I think it is because of it's location. It's pretty hidden as it is off the main street, but definitely worth a visit =)

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