Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fleurs Place

For John's 21st birthday surprise, I took him to Fleurs Place in Moeraki. It's apparently a pretty world famous place.
Fleurs Place has a rustic feel to it and from its outward perspective, does not look like a restaurant at all. It sits at the end of the jetty in the quiet town of Moeraki. When I say quiet town, I mean quiet town. It is a fishing village with a few houses and most probably they're holiday homes. I remember visiting the town last year, thinking there would be ATMs, but there weren't.
Fleurs promises 'fresh fish off the boats' and indeed the seafood that we got was really fresh.
I ordered the Shellfish Hot Pot in saffron broth with fresh fish, shellfish, potatoes and spinach.The giant bowl was bigger than my face and was filled to the brim with oysters, salmon, codfish and many other types of shellfish. The saffron broth was not too thick in texture and yet had a very intense flavour. Once I started, I didn't stop until I had emptied out the entire bowl. Even now, as I am thinking about it... My salivary glands are working overtime.
John ordered the fish of the day
Just us =)
After that we were pretty much stuffed. But after all that seafood, we were craving something sweet so we decided to have dessert. We ordered the Summer Pudding which was delicious as well!
I would love to go back there again, but it takes a one-hour drive out from Dunedin, so the next trip might have to take a while!

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