Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lemme see your grillsss

Today I saw a girl with dollar sign grills! How unique is that? =D I couldn't stop staring at her teeth , which is bad though. Imagine going on a date and not being able to stop staring at someone's teeth. That's just like staring at someone's boobs. Lawl. Ok I know not funny. =P

Note to self: Stop buying stuff off ebay!

I wonder how people live vintage, goth, emo everyday. Isn't it tiring keeping up such facades (Ok I'm going to be stabbed with a pencil for calling it that I can tell)? I guess you would really have to be into that kind of thing? For me I like to do a bit of everything, depending on my mood. I guess the most important thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing.

That reminds me.. Because of work I end up wearing black skinnies and a black hoodie and black shoes everyday.. It's kind of depressing. Oh well I guess it saves me the trouble of thinking about what to wear =P

I'm also quite annoyed because I saw a girl wearing a dress that I bought off ebay and did not receive. HMMMMMMM....


  1. Coincidentally, I kinda know who's that person with dollar sign grills. It's her family tradition. Don't ask me what kind of tradition that is but all the family members have it. She's in Pharmacy, 4th year. =)

    Hurm... dress on another girl huh? can't be that much of a coincident for a dress to travel half way around the world and ending up worn by someone else...

  2. Lol... What a cool family tradition XD

    Yea I know right.. Wanna go and steal it from her lol