Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God. I've been quite stressed out lately with assignments and test piling up and falling on my head like an avalanche (5 Papers, bad idea.). Because of that I've been doing some serious emotional eating and it is making me fat. I feel like a giant blob of fat. It makes me want to walk around in a giant guni sack all the time. Okay. That's it. Must. Go. To. Gym. I hope I remember this when I'm having second thoughts about dragging my fat ass to the gym. How many times can I say fat in a blog post? Oh well. I found this picture to make myself feel better.

*Update: I was so stressed out until I found out that the deadline for my assignment for one paper is postponed by a week, my test on Friday is multiple choice, and work was cancelled today before my other test. Why am I so lucky?

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