Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Despite shitty Dunedin weather, I managed to wake up at 9am to drag my fat ass to the gym. I call this self-inflicted pain commitment. Glad that this year I am more motivated to be fit. Maybe it's because I'm feeling really guilty for stuffing my face at Hell's Pizza with John last night. Sooooooo gooodddddd. I think the pain was worth it.

I've been looking at vintage the past few days and I have to say I find some of the clothes really really pretty. Unfortunately you have to be skinny like a lollipop to be able to pull it off. This is one of my faves so far.

Damn.... If I had this I would be so happy lol. Unfortunately I have already blown a giant hole in my CC. It's like I'm a slave to ebay *_* Anyway, if you want this dress, you can find it here ---> CLICK

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