Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some pictures taken at Nugget Point on the Catlins Coast in New Zealand.. The weather was pretty gloomy, but I guess that makes for more interesting photos? If I was a more skilled photographer, that is =P

For some reason this stupid photo won't rotate =/ God. My computer skills are beyond comparison... This refers to the trees on the side of the hill that have been so windswept that they look like they're woven into it. Pretty cool.

Flat photo =)
Don't the 'nuggets' look like sharks circling the water? These pictures were mostly taken on the way up to the lighthouse on Nugget Point. It's real beautiful up there, but very windy and not very exciting or people who are afraid of heights. I thought it was a tad bit scary, but was more worried about my sunnies flying away =P

And lastly the Dirty Pervert Seal with 69 stamped on its body =P Which we found on a beach, forgot the name =X Seals are giant and smelly and dirty I don't know why they are a tourist attraction at all..
So yea, this was our first flat trip and it was fun! =D

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