Thursday, December 24, 2009

So far...

So I've been back in Malaysia for quite a while now, and didn't bother telling many people. Because I'm a ninja like that =P Haven't been up to much...Here's a summary

John sent me flowers, so sweet =)
Mommy bought us all new laptops.. Mine is the Toshiba Protege T130.. I chose a really light one because carrying a laptop around for 25 hours is not very fun, plus, it comes in a pretty white colour =D Oh, that thing blocking your view is Bola the sheep. He's big and round just like my tummy.
This is what he looks like, isn't he adorable? =D It's so hard not to smile when you look at Bola =)
Mmmm.. What else, I've only met up with Calista, Gwenda and Elaine.. Other than that, I've been waking up at 6 every morning to exercise because I gained so much weight in NZ. Yes, it's like friggin bootcamp here! The good thing is that I've lost bout 5kg so far.. =) By Feb I should be skinny and very very miserable. Ok, I'm off. ;)

Next up, some places I've been to in New Zealand!

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