Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I hate how it is okay for guys to say they hate kids, but when a girl says it, people look at you like you just threatened to kill their mother.

Don't get me wrong, kids are adorable.. From a distance. >5 feet away to be exact. From that distance, they cannot *pokeannoytouchpinchtalk* to you. You can just look at them and go "AWWWWW how cute!" Yep, that's the way I like it.

Why do people even want to have babies? Every time I think of how the vagina has to expand by 20382038 times and then in addition to that, it has to be cut open AND THEN sewn back, I cringe and run away screaming (in my mind). It reinforces my wish to never have any kids, unless they're adopted.

A very wise person once told me "Babies are cute when they are not yours" Wise, wise words. Because all they do is shit and cry. And you have to clean it up! On top of having your vagina cut open, you have to clean that shit up!

So.. why people have babies is a mystery to me. I can imagine most people reading this will think I'm the devil now. Wahaha! Okthxbai =P

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